Currently In Beta Release
Free SSL/TLS Notification Service Including Vulnerabilities - SSLNotifications

Free TLS/SSL Notification Service

SSL Notifications is a free service that periodically scans your TLS/SSL server for security issues including vulnerabilities and sends email notifications of their status.

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SSL Notifications will always be free of charge to the community. I may however look into placing the odd small advert on the site in order to help with the running costs of the service - I'll keep them to a minimum though :)

Vulnerability Detection

Notifications will also include the status of high profile vulnerabilities which have been tested for against your servers. Vulnerabilities include those nicknamed Heartbleed, FREAK and Poodle. Want to see another vulnerabilty added, let me know!

Community Driven

I am developing this service for the community, so your feedback is very important in shaping it and the features I develop. Checkout the development tracker for currently requested features or tweet your own requests to @SSLNotification.